A Natural Approach to Neurosensory Stimulation

Listening Ability Self-check

Answer "YES" and "NO" to the questions to check your hearing condition.
In fact, the condition of your hearing is closely related to the health of the body and mind.
Check to see your current hearing condition.

Name (intitials are ok)
1. Sometimes have difficulty understanding the content of a conversation.
2. You ask the person to repeat what was just said.
3. Often times the other person doesn't comprehend what you are saying.
4. Others think you are a bit "different".
5. You don't like talking with people that much.
6. You are not that interested in other people.
7. You have a pessimistic personality.
8. Often times you talk on the phone with your left.
9. You are not comfortable with how you sound.
10. You feel tired a lot lately.
11. You get stiff shoulders and sore neck a lot lately.
12. You don't listen to music that you like anymore.
13. You feel stressed lately.
14. You prefer dull colors to brighter ones.
15. You don't like classical music in general.
16. You don't go to Karaoke because you can't keep a note.
17. you have a bad sense of rhythm and cannot dance.
18. You are overall not very good at sports.
19. You are not very good at physical balance.
20. You slouch and have a bad posture.
21. You look down while you walk.
22. You have a tendency to tilt your head to the right or left side.
23. You lack concentration and tends to be distracted.
24. You don't feel very motivated recently.
25. You are concerned about your ears ringing (tinnitus).
26. You get dizzy spells.
27. Your headache doesn't seem to dissipate.